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Hi, my gorgeous women!

I am Ana Kersnik Žvab, also known as Devayani and Yogalishes Mom. I am an internationally recognized writer and yogini, and would like to share my decades of knowledge and experience with all of you amazing moms, moms-to-be, and women that want to get pregnant.

I also teach other exercises that are suitable for seniors, men, professional athletes, children and other lovers of yoga, dance and other guided exercises.
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Look Inside!


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It is an honour to write something about Devayani‘s book. I am happy to see this kind of book, Heart Yoga, to be published, because it represents all the components that people should put focus on in their lives. We all should be more careful with our heart.

Navitale Silverstone
yoga teacher from New York, artist

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Devayani is a sincere yoga practitioner. Let her cheerfulness, brightness and positive attitude guide many people into the proper yoga practice. (eBook Fit Yoga Mom)

Ishwara Martin
from Uruguay, now teaching in India

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When finding a balance between healthy eating and exercise we enjoy in, and the ways how to relax are found, not only we can enjoy old age but also our youngest can be influenced with our positive role model. (eBooks Fit Yoga Mom-to-be and Baby Handling)

Živa Varl
graduated midwife

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Let me ask you – do you really have to get sick, so you will change your life? I definitely can tell you that the answer is no. Be smart and change your lifestyle soon! I also have to make some changes and I am always telling my patients not to follow my steps, because I also have to improve my lifestyle. I wish my patients to be healthy and I lead them towards preventional steps, how to manage a healthy life, that they would not need an operation. I think that yoga is also one way to be in contact with nature, to be more self-aware and to do something for your health, before it is too late. (eBook Heart Yoga)

prof. dr. Marko Noč, dr. med.
specialist in cardiology and vaskulare medicine