Joga mami in dojenček


Author: Ana Kersnik Žvab

Format: Book

* Currently only available in Slovene language!

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The newborn is here! The family is enriched with a new family member that was expected for nine months and grew within your womb. That first moment, the first touch, the first contact between a mom and a baby is unimaginable. The first crying with which a little creature comes to the world touches you, but the first look and the touch are even more moving, making you realize that everything is real and that you have become a mom.

The Joga mami in dojenček book is the first and only yoga manual in the world that combines the best yoga exercises and relaxation techniques for mothers and babies. After the workout, babies are more calm and smiling. Yoga has a beneficial effect on their immune system, blood circulation and development.

The book contains body positions – asana, respiratory and relaxation techniques, information on mantras and many other information for better physical and psychological well-being of mothers and babies. In the book are presented special programs of yoga trainings, which can be enjoyed by mom and baby together.

“The most important is the first three minutes when a baby is born. According to experts, the first three minutes are crucial when the baby needs a gentle embrace, warmth and a sense of security because there is a completely new world around them. For nine months, they grew inside of you, so it is an indescribably beautiful and most interesting feeling when you meet them in person. Dad is also overwhelmed with different emotions and indescribable feelings when he first sees his child. These moments remain for the rest of our lives. Feelings of pain and the effort of giving birth are quickly forgotten.”

Ana Kersnik Žvab – Author of best selling yoga books

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