Joga za najmlajše


Aiuthor: Ana Kersnik Žvab

Format: Book

* Currently only available in Slovene language!

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Joga za najmlajše is a yoga book that combines yoga postures for the baby with the theory of baby handling. The yoga practice is also recommended for new moms who want to be active with their babies in a safe way. Yoga positions are natural for babies. It is extremely important that every mom does the exercise carefully and thoughtfully. I highly recommend exercises under the supervision of trained and licensed instructors of yoga, keeping an eye on the baby’s health. Before taking exercises you have to check your baby’s condition with your paediatrician. Comfort and well-being is the main importance of the yoga practice for the mum and baby.

Baby yoga is a unique concept developed by different knowledges and it is blend of infant development, movement techniques, baby handling and yoga asanas – yoga postures. In the workout of Yoga Baby you will get in touch with different asanas, massage techniques and also with correct and safety baby handling techniques. Benefits of yoga for babies: improved digestion, relief from colic, better immune system, better and deeper sleep and more happy baby. The book covers the theory of yoga, yoga as an exercise for babies, information on the development of infants, techniques of relaxation and motivation of the baby.

A detailed description of the exercises provide safety for the child at home as well. The book is made as a yoga manual, enriched with professional photographs, where the correct movements of all bodily positions are visible everywhere. In the manual, I also provided guidance on how to handle the baby properly, namely, the guidance of baby handling, since proper care for the baby is particularly important from birth to the third month, for the group to whom this work is intended. The ways to treat the baby are especially presented, as this is extremely important during the exercise of yoga. Before exercising, talk to a paediatrician.

“I recommend the book to all mums who would like to learn how to handle the baby properly and would like to make their first moments with their babies. Yoga positions are carefully selected and are extremely recommended for infants. In the exercise of yoga, Ana carefully composed descriptions and complemented them with professional photographs. The whole concept is tailor-made for babies and safe to use the exercises described at home as well. Thank you Ana for sharing your knowledge of yoga and maternal experience.”

Maša Jančič, teacher of yoga

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