Joga za nosečnice


Author: Ana Kersnik Žvab

Format: Book

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Pregnancy is a wonderful period, a unique experience the majority of women happily and truly enjoy. But also brings a great physical and mental change and opens new perspectives of the world and life. Caring for the physical and mental condition before, during and after childbirth is of invaluable importance.

Exercising during pregnancy should be adjusted to future mothers. During pregnancy a body changes, moods varies, and so should exercise throughout pregnancy. Relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and meditation as part of yoga have many beneficial effects to both mother and child. It impacts positively on the physical and mental state of pregnancy, the preparation for childbirth and the faster recovery after childbirth. Positions – asanas are chosen to strengthen the entire body and prepare for the childbirth at the same time. Yoga is a practice which benefits the body and mind at any time of life.

The author of the yoga handbook shows exercises adjusted to future mothers and enriched with more than 100 professional coloured photographs ensuring safe and accurate exercises. She also adds breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, information about meditation during pregnancy. She offers the opportunity to do your yoga exercises at home. However, I would recommend pregnant women, particularly beginners to trust an experienced teacher and deepen their knowledge at home using the yoga handbook. Each position is shown visually with a picture and a broad interpretation about positive effects and a warning in case the exercise is inadequate. In any case, I recommend before starting yoga, you should consult your gynaecologist and your GP. This handbook, friendly and transparent, was written with the soul. It is also Ana’s personal presentation as a yoga instructor. Her knowledge of yoga and yogic philosophy is complete and extensive, enriched by a lot of herself. Her own experience during pregnancy gives future mothers critical information but she also wishes them to spend their pregnancy as beautiful and active as they can.

“Pregnancy is a wonderful physiological period in a woman’s life enjoyable to the majority of pregnant women, accompanied by major changes. Women experience changes in a mental and a physical area to which they should be well prepared. In a way, pregnancy is a shock to their body. Yoga for pregnant women benefits from several aspects. It has a beneficial effect on the entire body as well by activating the muscles; strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor and abdomen, which are needed in childbirth, and reduce the chance of problems after childbirth; takes care of relaxation, body control and proper breathing, which helps to facilitate childbirth. The author of this exercise handbook specifically for mothers, with coloured photographs, clearly shows the implementation and application of yoga during pregnancy. Exercises can be done at home as the handbook provides a safe workout. Above all, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques and meditation material during pregnancy are included. Before doing exercises, I would recommend that a pregnant woman consults with her personal gynaecologist and her GP about exercises and their safety. In case of complications, an increased risk of preterm delivery and in the case of certain diseases in pregnancy yoga should not be advised. This handbook contains a comprehensive view of pregnancy as it contains information on the development of the fetus and information about changes in pregnant women’s bodies throughout their pregnancy. The handbook is written carefully and understood on the basis of an internationally acknowledged yoga instructor and supported by medical information of the health profession. I wish you much joy and satisfaction in training, particularly active and nice pregnancy and childbirth.”

Eva Macun, dr. med. Head of the gynaecological and maternity ward of the General Hospital Jesenice

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