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Author: Ana Kersnik Žvab

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Srčna joga

The Yogic art collection is intended for us to take care of our heart. We are too little aware that our heart is unconditional and needs to be treated and gently nurtured. The Heart Yoga workout is intertwined with artistic movements of yoga, which have a beneficial effect on the health of our heart and vitality of the whole body. The workout is not only for those who have heart problems, who have difficult experiences with the loss of a loved one and are more aware of the importance of heart health, but for everyone, since the heart is our only one and unique, so we need to worry.

Use this book as a guide with which you will be gentle and caring for your health, directing your energy, especially to your heart. There is a lot of talk about healthy eating and an active lifestyle which is extremely important, in this part there are also energy exercises and breathing techniques that can improve the vitality of your heart. At the end of the workout, follow the advice of other experts, what you need to be careful about and how Heart Yoga can help your healthy and strong heart.

Heart yoga is a concept that has been specifically designed to strengthen the heart and remove energy blockages. Jogic positions, mantras, mandala, respiratory techniques, relaxation techniques and other adhesions are designed specifically to improve the feelings, improve the immune system, and above all the health of your heart.

This book is the first in Slovenia, which provides a comprehensive insight into the yogic world and consists of various units. In it you can get to know yoga, with chakras, where the heart chakra is mainly exposed – anahata chakra, mandala, mantra and heart function. Above all, the manual is adapted for practicing asan at home, asans are described in detail and illustrated with professional photographs. Body positions are carefully selected to strengthen the heart. In the work you can learn a little more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle with the advice of various professionals, from health specialists to other yogists, masseurs, therapists. For the past few years, I have been practicing the concept of heart health as an author of the concept of heart health, while supplementing my yoga classes with the knowledge I acquire in education in Slovenia and abroad. This book was presented on International Day of Heart 2017, was nominated for the best book of 2017, presented on DM run 2017 in magazine Bogastvo zdravja and in all the well known magazines and newspapers all over Slovenia and abroad, and had received International Book Award for the Best Yoga Book of the year 2017. It was also presented on International Day of Books in year 2017 and 2018. This year it will be presented on the International Day of Books and on the Night of Books.

Joga in (ne)plodnost

Many couples have pregnancy problems. Unfortunately, despite all attempts, some do not succeed. The yogic manual is not intended to stir up false hopes, but it is created for couples who want to have a baby and are ready to test yoga techniques that improve fertility. This book is created with the help of medical experts and is confirmed by yogis from all around the world who have been successfully testing the program for years.

Joga in (ne)plodnost is the first yogic manual that helps couples to succeed in reaching their wishes and is based on research and real experiences with which the writer met in her years of teaching. In this book, other experts have also been involved, who have completed their knowledge in the field of infertility, depression, energy purification and other important topics that open up new ways for couples who want to become pregnant.

The work includes professional colour photographs, a detailed description of asan or body positions, respiratory techniques, relaxation techniques and exercise to accelerate the flow of energy throughout the body. The material is adapted for women who want to become pregnant and for the partners they support. The book also contains affirmations to help you on your yoga journey on the path to conceiving a child.

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