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Author: Ana Kersnik Žvab

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Joga za nosečnice

Pregnancy is a wonderful period, a unique experience the majority of women happily and truly enjoy. But also brings a great physical and mental change and opens new perspectives of the world and life. Caring for the physical and mental condition before, during and after childbirth is of invaluable importance.

Exercising during pregnancy should be adjusted to future mothers. During pregnancy a body changes, moods varies, and so should exercise throughout pregnancy. Relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and meditation as part of yoga have many beneficial effects to both mother and child. It impacts positively on the physical and mental state of pregnancy, the preparation for childbirth and the faster recovery after childbirth. Positions – asanas are chosen to strengthen the entire body and prepare for the childbirth at the same time. Yoga is a practice which benefits the body and mind at any time of life.

The author of the yoga handbook shows exercises adjusted to future mothers and enriched with more than 100 professional coloured photographs ensuring safe and accurate exercises. She also adds breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, information about meditation during pregnancy. She offers the opportunity to do your yoga exercises at home. However, I would recommend pregnant women, particularly beginners to trust an experienced teacher and deepen their knowledge at home using the yoga handbook. Each position is shown visually with a picture and a broad interpretation about positive effects and a warning in case the exercise is inadequate. In any case, I recommend before starting yoga, you should consult your gynaecologist and your GP. This handbook, friendly and transparent, was written with the soul. It is also Ana’s personal presentation as a yoga instructor. Her knowledge of yoga and yogic philosophy is complete and extensive, enriched by a lot of herself. Her own experience during pregnancy gives future mothers critical information but she also wishes them to spend their pregnancy as beautiful and active as they can.

Joga mami in dojenček

The newborn is here! The family is enriched with a new family member that was expected for nine months and grew within your womb. That first moment, the first touch, the first contact between a mom and a baby is unimaginable. The first crying with which a little creature comes to the world touches you, but the first look and the touch are even more moving, making you realize that everything is real and that you have become a mom.

The Joga mami in dojenček book is the first and only yoga manual in the world that combines the best yoga exercises and relaxation techniques for mothers and babies. After the workout, babies are more calm and smiling. Yoga has a beneficial effect on their immune system, blood circulation and development.

The book contains body positions – asana, respiratory and relaxation techniques, information on mantras and many other information for better physical and psychological well-being of mothers and babies. In the book are presented special programs of yoga trainings, which can be enjoyed by mom and baby together.

Joga za najmlajše

Joga za najmlajše is a yoga book that combines yoga postures for the baby with the theory of baby handling. The yoga practice is also recommended for new moms who want to be active with their babies in a safe way. Yoga positions are natural for babies. It is extremely important that every mom does the exercise carefully and thoughtfully. I highly recommend exercises under the supervision of trained and licensed instructors of yoga, keeping an eye on the baby’s health. Before taking exercises you have to check your baby’s condition with your paediatrician. Comfort and well-being is the main importance of the yoga practice for the mum and baby.

Baby yoga is a unique concept developed by different knowledges and it is blend of infant development, movement techniques, baby handling and yoga asanas – yoga postures. In the workout of Yoga Baby you will get in touch with different asanas, massage techniques and also with correct and safety baby handling techniques. Benefits of yoga for babies: improved digestion, relief from colic, better immune system, better and deeper sleep and more happy baby. The book covers the theory of yoga, yoga as an exercise for babies, information on the development of infants, techniques of relaxation and motivation of the baby.

A detailed description of the exercises provide safety for the child at home as well. The book is made as a yoga manual, enriched with professional photographs, where the correct movements of all bodily positions are visible everywhere. In the manual, I also provided guidance on how to handle the baby properly, namely, the guidance of baby handling, since proper care for the baby is particularly important from birth to the third month, for the group to whom this work is intended. The ways to treat the baby are especially presented, as this is extremely important during the exercise of yoga. Before exercising, talk to a paediatrician.

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