Baby Handling


Baby Handling
Because growing up is important!
Author: Ana Kersnik Žvab
Format: eBook
Language: English
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✔ Do you realize the importance of proper handling of the baby?
✔ You want to learn how to handle the baby correctly, because it only affects their further development and growth?
✔ Are you a new mother, or do you just want to refresh knowledge about the proper handling of the baby?
✔ You do not want to pay for a guided exercise and would you like to run the program at home?
✔ You want only your best for your baby?
✔ Would you like a program that is most popular amongst mums?
✔ DO you want the program that was proved by medical experts and yoginis all over the world?
✔ Are you an organized mom who wants to follow baby’s needs?

Do not wait! Get your own copy of an e-book to help your baby to develop the right way.

»Devayani is a sincere yoga practitioner. Let her cheerfulness, brightness and positive attitude guide many people into the proper yoga practice.«
Ishwara Martin – Guru from India