Consultant: Ana Kersnik Žvab
Language: English
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What is a Skype or Email consultation all about?

The Skype consultation is done by Skype and it lasts for one hour, an email consultation is done by email.

How do you reserve your session?

First you buy the option for the consultation you want in my shop, and then I send you open dates you can choose from.

Why would you decide on an individual consultation for losing your weight?

✔ Do you want to lose weight, but you do not know where to start?
✔ Have you tried everything, but it does not work?
✔ Do you want to detox your body?
✔ Do you want to lose all the extra kilograms?

Have you recently had a baby?

✔ Do you want a figure like you had before your pregnancy?
✔ Do you want to lose baby fat?
✔ Do you want a shaped body?
✔ Don’t you want to pay for a guided exercise and would like to workout with the program at home?
✔ Do you have no baby sitter and would the program help you get the desired results from home?
✔ Do you want a program that has already worked for more than 10,000 happy moms?
✔ Don’t you know how to get results, and no exercise gives the results you want?
✔ Do you want to protect yourself from post-natal depression and be a healthy, fit and happy mom?

If your answers are positive, do not wait, reserve your session today.