Heart Yoga – For Healthy Heart

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Heart Yoga – For Healthy Heart
Affirmation Cards
Author: Ana Kersnik Žvab
Format: eCard
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Why use affirmation cards?
That is precisely the question that arises for us, when we are no longer in contact with ourselves. Every thought brings us to our point of view which becomes ours, our attitudes are manifested through actions, and our actions form our character. It has been proven many times that the power of thoughts can heal or even change a life.

Affirmation cards Heart Yoga – For Healthy Heart offer you exactly those positive thoughts that will help you to a healthy heart.

✔ Do you want to have a healthy and strong heart?
✔ Are you after a hard breakup, after a divorce or losing a dear person?
✔ Have you heard that affirmations are excellent not only for calming but also for the body treatment. Do you want concrete affirmations to deal with matters properly?
✔ You don’t want to pay more than 1,000€ to various therapists for sessions that you will not be able to attend due to your obligations.
✔ Would concrete and practical examples of analysing other participants how to deal with them be helpful for you?
✔ Are you still looking for ways how to have time for yourself and carry out all your obligations without having a bad conscious at the same time?
✔ Don’t you know how to make your healthy future, or you are in mature years and care for your health?
✔ Have you already tried everything, but you do not know if it’s working at all?

Let me help you with a decision that is quite simple. I am also one of those in a risky group for having a heart attack. I’m not alone, there are also others! Do not let the negative thoughts ruin your life and take care of your heart preventively. With simple affirmations that you carry out daily, you can help yourself. Remember: the power of thoughts is healthy and healing!

And how do you get them? As simple as possible.
Click on the selected product in my store and go to the cashier. After the payment which you can make with PayPal or by credit card, you will receive your affirmation cards download link in your e-mail. They are yours for ALWAYS. Then you just print and use them daily. Or you can have them on your computer for reviewing them over and over again. It can’t be simpler, can it? That’s why I decided that the cards are printable, so there’s no need to wait for delivery or go to the store – you can make the purchase right away.
Affirmation cards DO NOT come in a box, but you can design your own.

What else matters?
✔ Perform affirmations regularly.
✔ Trust the power of thoughts which has helped more than a thousand users.
✔ Affirmations have been confirmed with extraordinary results by experts all over the world.
✔ Get your self-esteem and well-being back, and improve the quality of your life.
✔ Do not let yourself be negative. Be happy and calm, you deserve it!