Metal Yoga

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Metal Yoga
Author: Ana Kersnik Žvab
Format: eProgram
Language: English
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Hi my yoga and metal lovers!
As I promised, I prepared something for you. This is an eProgram just for you.

What is eProgram all about?
Metal Yoga eProgram is a set of asanas that are chosen especially for this type of yoga.

Why to get your own eProgram?

✔ It is easy to use.
✔ You can work at home.
✔ It is affordable.
✔ Quality guaranteed.
✔ You can workout with this eProgram whenever you have time.
✔ You can download it on your phone or computer.
✔ It is designed for beginners and advanced yoginis.

How do you get it?
This eProgram is easy to get. You just purchase this product in my online store and than you get all the information you need on your email. Easy, isn’t it?