Consultant: Ana Kersnik Žvab
Language: English
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What is a Skype or Email consultation all about?

The Skype consultation is done by Skype and it lasts for one hour, an email consultation is done by email.

How do you reserve your session?

First you buy the option for the consultation you want in my shop, and then I send you open dates you can choose from.

What do you gain from the nutritionism consultation?

✔ Do you need advice on what you need to nourish your body?
✔ Do you want to live a healthy life, but you do not know exactly how?
✔ Do you deal with your weight your whole life and you are still not where you want to be?
✔ Do you feel tired, exhausted, and you need a healthy lifestyle?
✔ Do you want to be fit and healthy with a great body?

If your answers are positive, do not wait, reserve your session today.